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Etape 4 : Nos 30 propositions pour un Europrogressisme !

Lors de l’Assemblée générale exceptionnelle du 22 septembre 2010, les membres de Sauvons l’Europe ont voté article par article les propositions relatives au manifeste sur l’Europrogressisme, à charge pour le Bureau de remettre en forme le document final.

Nous vous présentons donc aujourd’hui l’issue de près de six mois de travaux et de consultation :

30 propositions pour un europrogressisme sauvons l’europe

Télécharger le document

Vous êtes cordialement invités à les faire circuler, et à vous en emparer pour faire vivre le débat européen autour de vous.

À propos Arthur

Arthur est vice-président de Sauvons l'Europe, rédacteur en chef du site
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  • Brigitte Sené

    we won’t be able to build anything without a strong feeling of identity as European.on the one hand no media work in that way. Each country watches its own local news with its burden of trivial events, journalists consider they would lose audience if they tried to explain what is going on to people or may be they are unable to do it clearly.
    On the other hand no program to show how ,we, Europeans we have grown up, nobody knows Alcuin who came from England and helped Carlos Magnus, few Europeans knew all the scriptorium who started to build a new world from the old one, so many people to be proud of: Bede to Tricho Brahé, Copernic, Erasmus, Bacon, Galileo, Bach, Newton, Leibniz, Spinoza, Beethoven, Magellan, Christopher Colombus, Condorcet, Poincaré, Einstein, Watson and Cricks etc. Shakespeare, Cervantes…. Darwin, Why wouldn’t you edit a brochure with a selection of those heroes who made up our continent and could show a part of our human contribution to the world, not only of money (Medicis, Fuger…)and economy. Nothing from the past is an example for the youth, new facts are taking all their interest, they cut all their roots, and do not water their flowers, how will they survive? Edit brochures and had them deliver to every school and make it received with respect and solemnity.


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